Madmans Esprit – Nacht – A Sadness Song (a division of ATMF)

Confusing Dark Metal from Asia.

Dark Metal is a label that has escaped my sensibility since forever. I simply don’t know what to make when I hear a band that label themselves like that: What comes in mind is something between Bethlehem, Skepticism and pseudo classical mix of Nightwish with something else. They indeed do all of that and even more adding some “Asiatic” taste to their sound.

But even they being somewhat interesting they pay the price for so high stakes and experimentalism: because experimentalism per se is not doomed to do any harm, because it is like a test. The very problem here is that they try to mask their song with some grandiose attitude of avant-garde stars that doesn’t belong to them: the flamboyant and blasé way of executing the songs leaves the art connoisseur at the odds with a supposed wannabe next super-stars: it doesn’t matter how much they try (and boy, they try harder) they cannot escape that aura of pretentious intelligent band for the masses, although they do make some intelligent choices here and there. The problem is that they don’t decide which way the wind blows and they shot to any direction.

It doesn’t matter how good they are, this album leaves a bad taste of a band doing anything to get to the top: no matter if they like it or not. It sounds fake anyway, even some of elements of their sound would sound perfect if they choose to follow the non-fadist path of making metal. They are a strange band for weirdos. They should know their metal better!

Nacht  is out now on A Sadness Song.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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