Pyre – Human Hecatomb – Chaos Records

Old cult from Slavic Lands.

Playing with gusto, Pyre comes from Russia, and man, they know how to create good old school lullabies for the old timers of the cult of death out there!

Although their modus operandi is Entombed, they do have some compositions of their own, and they are not copycats: they just came to the world in the wrong epoch.

A song like Last Nail In Your Coffin for example is full of intelligent passages, and they don’t need to sound utterly technical to achieve what they want: clever phrases and changes of tempo do the trick. The licks in this one particularly are delicious: a double axe attack that rips eardrums!

Not that their first songs like Merciless Disease or Far Beyond The Unknown don’t work, they are actually excellent, but this album gets better and better as the tracks progress: for example the song Possessed is totally trippy and seamless at the same time: this Janus characteristic is what makes Pyre sound so special: they are not innovators, but their sound is magic like no other band. This is their secret and they better keep this recipe to themselves if they want to broad their audiences: I for one am already a fan! The cult of death cannot be stopped.

Human Hecatomb  is out now on Chaos Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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