Overcharge – Accelerate – Unspeakable Axe

The Motörhead metalpunk cult is alive!

Overchage is an Italian phenomenon that came to break all the rules of current rock scene by maintaining the traditional rock n roll…. Of the past. I’d say, they use tradition to bring the modernity, or atavism in new clothes.

The sound is a raw Motörhead-styled music with plenty of solos, and as long as they are simple as fuck they keep up the fun.

Songs like Accelerate and As If There Were No Tomorrow show a Venom hint and the metal is up. They maintain the old spirit alive for thrashers, deathsters, rockers and black metallers alike.

The blistering axework is tailor-made for air guitars and headbanging.

Other tunes as Drown In Your Own, Nothing On The Way and Leave Behind are much more of the same, being better as the time goes by!

I must say I’ve heard this album some 10 times and haven’t noticed anything really different between the tracks, but that was exactly what made me heard this album so many times: not to meticulously study the ability of the musicians, but to have a chance to rock as hell before writing this review and go to another band. I dug it. Lots. And you’ll do too. Be sure of that.

Accelerate  is out on Unspeakable Axe 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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