Quartered – Eyes And Ears – Self-Release

The great puzzle of Quartered.

Vancouver’s Quartered made their first record in 2010, and in 2014 they are returning with a third release, so they are become veterans in their own kind of sound. The influences here are clear: Dream Theater and Tool, alongside a bunch of other hard rock and progressive metal influences (and a little bit of alternative metal).

Explained what their influences are, the difficulty here is to give them a proper style, since they like to fuse and they are good in that.

They have some strange tempo signatures, which remember a little bit of the post hardcore of Cult of Luna.

But different from all that bands, they should explore their “black” side into expanding the time of the songs like an old experimental progressive rock band. That would do them a lot of favor. Plus if they could eliminate that “girl I know what you thinking” “girl, you live inside of me”, “girl, you and I will jump inside the fire” (they don’t actually say that but I took a glance in the lyrics and it’s something very alike) sentimental-kitsch kind of lyrics (and the way the lyrics are “felt” as the guy sings) it would expand their vision as true artists. But again, with this myriad of influences from the backdrop to the forefront is difficult to know which kind of audience they are aiming at.

I for one should classify them as simple emos from Canada if I haven’t know better, and they are much, much better than that. Every musician brings their potential to the fold and if they release themselves from the chains of “soft metal” for a girly audience they sure can make a dent in the world of rock n roll. In times when everything else is so confusing, they shouldn’t lose this chance.  


Eyes And Ears is out now and it’s Self-Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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