Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal LP – Iron Bonehead

The Canadian Hammer of the Vikings is back. Fuck Norway?


The Canadian War Metal entity known as Necroholocaust came to prominence some few years ago after they released a split album with Baphomets Horns (more precisely in 2010) called FUCK NORWAY. Although I won’t be a fucking hypocrite endorsing visions against bands I was raised up listening to, I must admit: what a helluva fucking good title hehehehe.

I can understand their instance at the time: the Norwegian BM turned into a downloadable favorite to 15-year-oldies and not so many bands were delivering the goods as in 1994 for example.

They still have this “Satan-kills-vikings” visions and boy I can’t wait to see them playing here in Brazil by the end of 2015. For now this destructive album can satisfy my lust for pure satanic gore, this is the real Goat Metal in a Ross Bay Cult style, no compromising black-death sound, filthy, heavy, disgraceful like in tracks such as Inverted Christ, Infinite Death Prophecy and the mega nuclear Bleed The Baphomet – Effects [Outro]. All the more, for connoisseurs they sound just like Blasphemy and Beherit (what else is new) and if you still need references (secretly thinking you’re a poseur, hahahaha) think about Satanik Goat Ritual, Morbosidad, Blasphemophagher and Sadomator or go listen to Amon Amarth (which is not from Norway but what a fucking teenager band). No I’m not kidding, back off!

This LP, is not for the faint of heart, only the strong will survive the holocaustic winds of nuclear destruction.

PS: There is a Sadogoat cover by the end of the album called F.G.P.


Holocaustic Goat Metal LP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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