Sempiternal Dusk – Sempiternal Dusk – Dark Descent Records

Abstruse Doom/Death Metal from Oregon.


Holy cow! This band is gives me goosebumps. This self-titled album is their debut, and the members have a long historic in working with other bands. So this is a “professional” effort, for sure.

The album has only 5 songs, but very uneven in time between them varying from one to fifteen minutes.

The music is something like a funeral sludge metal to be more exact, but as I’m not a fan of kinky mix of labels, that was just to correctly clarify the “catch of the moment” by the muddy production of their real metal sound. Nothing so fancy, just the way it was caught “on tape”. However it is not slow the whole time, which causes more confusion to labelers.

The first song, the 15-minute Moon Beneath Hook Cross, recalls the most enduring moments of Skepticism, Thergothon, Mornful Congregation, Nortt, Funeral, Murkrat and so on… Albeit change of tempos may occur, going to something faster.

Very heavy and harsh sound for those of who like to live in fully despair.

The second track Streams of Night is more agitated, more in a death metal way, which has led the comparison with their Germanic fellows Nechro Christos, which renders a very different style than to simple label them as Funeral something. Of course the production is still very muddy. But eventually, the tempo slows down, and (AHEEEEMM) the happiness go away..

The song Upon the Gallows at Perihelion is bipolar! While the putrid death metal simply razes everything in sight, some parts are pure despondency. This one is my fave!

This album is something very special for fans of underground metal of death, showing something that, if not utterly original, it can be entertaining through darkness and despair. You’ll hear more about them in the near future. Be sure of that!

Sempiternal Dusk  is out now on Dark Descent Records .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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