Witch Mountain – Mobile of Angels – Svart Records

Psychedelic Heavy Metal.


Oregon’s trippiest offer is called Witch Mountain, and this album Mobile of Angels is the proof that long and repetitive phrases aligned with a strongest production can generate a stupendous opus.

Although the brilliant vocalist Uta Plotkin is no more in the band (she was substituted by the 19-year-old Kayla Dixon), by the time of the release of this album she made a superb work, and even with the dexterity of the whole ensemble she is the star here.

Psycho Animundi starts the disc with a Heavy Psychedelic sound that follows a tempo all the way until it is suddenly stopped to give place to a more calm middle session. By the way, she has a hell of a soft voice without necessarily being a pop “diva”, maybe she is influenced by Grace Slick, Jinx Dawson and others who caught their influences by REAL female singers of the past.

Can’t Settle is not so different, from the previous number, while Your Corrupt Ways (Sour the Hymn) is more pensive clocking in at 10 minutes, giving them enough space for serpentine doom with lots of inventiveness.

The trippy title track is not their best number though…

But the best is reserved for the grand finale! The last track The Shape Truth Takes (yeah the album has only 5 tracks) is utterly hypnotic, save from a wall of noise in the middle session that ceases after seconds, and then the coven starts over.

This CD is an excellent surprise for the fans of the style. Let’s wait for the next opus with the new girl.

Mobile of Angels is out now on Svart Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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