Volunteer – Goner 10″ – Forge Again Records / Triple Eye Industries

Just another sludge band under the false banner of “noise” that won’t cause a dent in the universe.


Well, for some strange reasons, bands I don’t know for styles that I ignore are superbands when you’re going to research for them: still you can’t see a shit in anything they do.

The case here is worst as these cats are wannabes, for the sake of Satan don’t label yourselves “noise” just because you make strange distortions of guitar plugged in a bass amplifier. That’s not “noise” that’s just another run-of-the-mill metal.

Well the songs didn’t impress me, that “break” sound with muddy production, not bad, not good. If you’re in a pub and the song is playing on the background: good. But I have no patience in this busy network world of internet to stop and listen to such weirdos. I normally would give them some chance and hope for the best, but that would be insincere. All the more, if they get rich and famous, good for them, I will still belittle their false noise.

Goner 10″  is out now on Forge Again Records / Triple Eye Industries.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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