Cara Neir / Venowl – Split – Broken Limbs

This split is really, really obscure.


Released on tape, it features three short tracks of the black metal outfit Cara Neir and the putrid funeral drone metal Venowl.

Cara Neir follows that blasé tendency to sound avant-garde, but they are just a mediocre black metal/crust band. Of course they like to embellish it with some labels like NEOCRUST (facepalm), sludge, blackened crust and things like that. I’m not taken.

Venowl is very, very putrid, and as a friend from Australia would say: “Now ya talkin’”. Raw and droneful funeral black metal with plenty of feedbacks that will not amuse your girlfriend in a romantic moment. This one is for hardcore fans of illuminated music from the abyss. Their single track clocks in at almost 22 minutes of pure woe. PERFECTION.

Now the important information: as of today, this demo is sold out by the guys of Venowl (you can only buy a digital copy of their track of the split). You can find 5 copies in the Bandcamp of Cara Neir with the both bands (of course) or you can get the digital copy for free, but only their three tracks. Follow below the addresses for those interested:

Cara Neir (Bandcamp):

Venowl (Bandcamp):

Pay attention because if you lose that you’ll find copies only in the black market for abusive prices from scammers.

Cara Neir / Venowl – Split is out now on Broken Limbs

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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