THE LURKING CORPSES – Workin’ For the Devil (CD, LP) – Hells Headbangers

Horror Punk, Horror Metal.


The Lurking Corpses come to their fourth album showcasing almost 60 minutes of what people call “Death Metal with Punk Influences”. I should say that in Workin’ For the Devil they are more like a metal punk band with horror punk (Misfits and Wednesday 13 for instance) ,while exposing a kinda thrash metal influence.

The album has good songs although I don’t dig the “horror” vocals of Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul, they are sort of out of tune but hey, that’s just me, the songs and the compositions are not bad, and they can guarantee the party of the fans out there.

There’s even a fave, called Dead Fuck which is really, really good.

The problem starts in the 11th track called No One Will and the subsequent one called In Hell (I Wait for You). Okay while the metal and (American) punk are on the loose on the other tracks, in these ones they appeal to some English Gothic, which totally disrupts the logic of the album. If you’d take them separately as singles, well, maybe they could stand for themselves, but to put them in the midst of the aggressive numbers wasn’t the most intelligent choice.

Apart from that, they eventually return to their metal punk, horror punk show, and the final track is a raddest rendering of Slayer’s Tormentor. An excellent surprise! If you are into this field of music, surely you’ll like it. Others can be hindered by the total running time of the album

Workin’ For the Devil (CD, LP) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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