Entropy O.A.C. – Dark Clouds and Clarity – Pavement Entertainment

Another metalcore band.


Dark Clouds and Clarity is an effort of Entropy O.A.C. (I believe there is another album but I haven’t found any reference on Discogs or Metal Archives and the band virtually doesn’t exist. LOL.)

Jokes apart, this Ep contains three tracks.

First one is called Failure to Thrive. By sitting through the track you understand the title. The songs has mere 5 minutes but it seems (really) an eternity. Formulaic metalcore without a hint of inventiveness, they content themselves in emulate the other famous bands.

Second track is more decent, called Endless Fire it’s more like “okay let’s think and make an actual tune” and they succeed in that. The song is structurally more accurate with beginning-middle-end scheme.

Last track is, well, not so good. Let me point the problem here: the vocalist. Although the frame is not exactly Wagnerian, the production is decent and that is a head start for any band. But the vocalist insists in crying like a teenager. No good.

Entropy O.A.C. is another minuscule band lost between the big shots in the internet, and if they want to thrive they’ll have to do much better than that!

Dark Clouds and Clarity is out now on Pavement Entertainment 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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