Northern Crown – In the Hands of the Betrayer – Self Released

Excellent Heavy Doom from Florida.


Northern Crown follows the tradition of old. Its music is something magic, its sound is from outer space, and it’s very metal indeed!

But rather than to sound purely retro, this band is a different kind of monster.

They follow the tradition of bands such as Candlemass and Black Sabbath.

First song, In the Hands of the Betrayer is a classic heavy metal number, of course not so fast, but played with enough gusto and (only in this track) a harsh vocal.

Second track A Perfectly Realized Torment is really spooky and macabre. The beefy and intelligent riffs take command of everything. The vocal is a show apart: it’s mix of Tony Martin with RONNIE JAMES DIO… Yes, this guy called Frank Serafine is THAT good!

Crystal Ball is a proper Candlemass cover that is very theatrical and fits very well with the mood of the album. This is just ace!

Approaching, Encroaching Storm is a dark ambient intro to the last track, the 11-minute long To Thee I Give an Orchid which reeks of Black Sabbath.

This is a criminally underrated band/album. Okay it’s the first effort of the ensemble, but this band should have a cult following at the moment. Excellent release!

In the Hands of the Betrayer  is out now and it’s Self Released 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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