Inferion – This will Decay – HPGD Productions

Black or Death Metal? When labels can destroy a great band…


Inferion is a band that brands itself as USBM, and although some tracts of the style appear here and there, like some melodic passages and harsh vocals, their instrumental, and consequently all the production that was invested in the effort is totally death metal in nature.

It’s a question of subtleness: they really tried to produce a Black Metal album, but with the wrong producer.

Labeling problems apart, that is not to say this is a bad album, (whatever the style or the angle one chooses to see): The sound is really played with gusto and violence, and of course it gets better time everytime you spin it.

For example the song Carrion for the Scavengers has violent lashings of harsh vocals and an intense instrumental with some time changes. They play like hell, but they manage to make their complex approach of their sound into something that is intelligible for the fans of extreme music.

Another example is the sound A Hell to Endure that is hateful! Yet it has a melodic mid-session, but the guitars are harsh, don’t be deceived by that. The drumming is very intense and the sound very “metallic”.

So the problem here is about classification. They haven’t invented a new style or a new approach of the extreme music by merging elements of death and black metal at the same album: that’s been done for a long time now. What matters is when people say something and you have a completely different vision of the whole thing. Let’s conclude: an excellent extreme metal album. Problem solved.

This will Decay is out now on HPGD Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms – FDA Rekotz

Are they old schoolers? Really?


The guy of the band wears an Entombed tee, they call themselves old school, but Maik Weichert from Heaven Shall Burn praised them. If you didn’t understand the irony, read the beginning of this text again.

Let’s summarize it: They want to sound old school (over again my old rant, by imitating the only old school band they know), but with a polished production and groovy vocals. Hence they are not old-schoolers.

I don’t know when I heard about Desert Fear for the first time, but one thing I can recall: I though the same thing I’m saying right now.

The tempos never ever change, although they put several phrases in effect, making the album sound repetitive, but of course, they are not mediocre musicians.

But their weapons are aimed at a wrong direction. I mean there’s no such a thing like “new old school”. Either you are or not.

You can get some good things here and there, but that’s all. Honestly not the best album I’ve heard these days.

Kingdom of Worms is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Black Witchery + Revenge (Canada) – Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom – split MLP/MCD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The cult of annihilation is alive‼‼


The uncompromising cults of Black Witchery and Revenge unite forces in this killer split album that is the wet dream of any necroheadbanger of the face of the Earth.

Honestly, this is what I call perfection in form of music.

The Black Witchery side kicks off with their usual form of putrid Black Metal or Blackened Death Metal if you will. The three songs, Black Death Conjuration, Curse of Malignancy and Profanation Triumph are snappy, fast, short, the embodiment of the nuclear war a là Blasphemy and Conqueror. There’s no pause for rest, lashings of mystical atomic devastation are propelled with high-pitched guitar solos and insanely brisk drumming. No quarter!

The Revenge side counts with only one long song, which is fact two inside one: the first part is a composition of theirs called Humanity Noose with bellows from the abyss where adrenaline runs rampant. Revenge is the tits! Some atomic intervals with some “uh” a la Tom Warrior lead the song to a heavily mid-tempo session, just to return again to the velocity. The vocals are so putrid it smells. It’s pure guttural satanic cult that is NOT for neophytes. I couldn’t expect less from this Canadian Ross Bay Cult! The second part of the song is a cover of Bathory: Equimanthorn. Their version is totally heavier than the original and the only nod is the final part when the “chorus” Equimanthoooooorn is sung. Perfect and exciting.

When I saw this release I knew what to expect without even listening to it. But I did so almost 20 times to make myself sure of a dream coming true: two institutions of the most extreme form of real and organic metal together! If something else is necessary to say to convince you that this is the best release of 2015 so far, so I politely ask you: go fuck yourself! The cult is alive!

Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom – split MLP/MCD is out now on Nuclear War Now! Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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ÆVANGELIST – Writhes in the Murk – Hells Headbangers

The anti-cosmic utopian credo of ÆVANGELIST.


First time I heard this band I was really taken by their some manic sound textures and obscure approach of Black Metal, Death Metal, Power Electronics and Dark Ambient, in a crazy vortex of confusing and abscond tunes that leads the listeners to the Nihil in extreme impenetrable ritual and orgies of the gods of old.

Their album De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis (you can read my transcript visions of the mysterious here) was an utterly purifying experience I will never forget.

How was my immense surprise to discover they were back for more experimentation with ALL aforementioned tracts of styles and some free-jazz approach of the most reticent music a la Portal.

I’m a truly fan of this kind of musical incongruence that confuses the mind of simpletons and can lead to complete craziness.

This album counts with Ascaris (voices from the chasm) and Matron Thorn (everything else) and throw the listener to an insane liturgy of strange soundscapes, never heard before.

In the surface, songs like Hosanna , The Only Grave and Præternigma has the murky and muddy death/black sound of sorts, but the wall of noise they create (and by noise I mean power electronics) spritz their insane collage of inventiveness all over.

Disquiet is a dark ambient number, with experimentations, textures, industrial/martial music and ominous atmosphere. The ambience created is hypnotic and progressive.

Ælixir is disgraceful: noise waves of experimental dark music with disconnected guitars and free jazz approach on the drum sound, causing a rollercoaster Doppler Effect. The nauseating vocals are sunk in the background with no certain tempo to discern. Incomprehensible and beautiful. High-pitched frequencies with a sax add insult to injury. Over again the drums take over in this experimental voyage to nowhere, but this time in the form of iteration which of course leaves the sax free to act as it will. Female voices give a sudden relief and the final cut throws back the intense black death insanity.

After two numbers of somewhat run-of-the-mill sound, then comes the great finale, the title-track Writhes in the Murk containing an eerie acoustic guitar all the way, but intersected with occasional riffs that come and disappear in a fade out/fade in effect.

Writhes in the Murk is a masterpiece that won’t receive praises immediately, but as soon as the times passes it is going to become a reference for the generations to come. An album which is going to survive the taste of time…

Writhes in the Murk is out now on Hells Headbangers

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Jess and the Ancient Ones – Castaneda 10″ – Svart Records

In conformity with the cosmic trips.


After a debut album and some Ep’s, the ensemble called JATAO (counting with the talented vocalist Jess) is the embodiment of a recent phenomenon which can be called “neo-psychedelic music”.

It’s impossible to not compare them with Seremonia or Jex Thoth, their sound drinking from the waters of 1960’s music of Jefferson Airplane and Coven.

As Ray Davies would say in 1964, the voice of this woman really got me.

Unfortunately this 10” EP counts with only two short songs, and a somewhat upbeat tempo at the first track Castaneda starts with inverted guitars and when the songs starts de facto the trippy keyboards take over the whole thing. But Jess steals the scene, she is the show. Her voice is really hypnotic.

The second track is more occult rock, (I know labels suck, occult rock being the bands that follow the steps of the satanic psychedelic band Coven from US and their legendary (and rare) album Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls (1969)). Named As to be With Him, the song is a trip to the past with bland guitars (for the conventional heavy metal fan, maybe it won’t appeal) and what it seems to be an Hammond in the backdrop resembling somewhat Deep Purple and Uriah Heep.

The only complain here is that the guitars are very subtle and bland. Where are the trippy solos? Where is the Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida factor with extended askew soloing? Okay I know about the limitations of a 10” EP, but they should invest more in this raw side of music.

This EP will certainly inspire me to hear more about them. Both tracks are catchy as hell, so if you’re an orphan of the good music made in the past, here’s what you need to hear.

Castaneda 10″ is out now on Svart Records 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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ENCOFFINATION – III – Hear Me, O’ Death – Selfmadegod Records

The strange funeral sound of American lands…


It’s strange when a label like Selfmadegod, which releases lots of grindcore, place their bets in a FUNERAL death/black metal band like Encoffination.

Details apart this band is really arcane. Well I probably have said the very same about a Funeral band before, but these depressive maniacs never cease to amaze me!

Totally despondent and low pitched this album is so disgraceful it actually makes one happy… and I’m not try to make a joke or a pun, but the sound is really delightful…

All the songs sound the same, no doubt, and for some people not initiated in the arts of Skepticism, Thergothon, Profetus and Mournful Congregation this album is hard to sit through.

Some people claim that the band sounds like Incantation or Grave Upheaval and I do beg to differ. Although some of this may be true (mainly for the doomish side of Incantation) their sound never gets the velocity of aforementioned bands, at least in this album.

That is not to say the band doesn’t honor a unique American flavor contrary to the European and Aussie bands… They pour US sound all the way through the album.

Honestly this disc doesn’t have a “highlight” song simply because it must be tasted in its entirety to be comprehended.

For die-hards only!

III – Hear Me, O’ Death is out now on Selfmadegod Records 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Nuclear Perversions – Desolation Rituals tape – Iron Bonehead

Cryptic underrated mega underground war black metal!


First thing that comes to mind when one listens to Nuclear Perversions is: why in the fucking hell someone wants to remain incognito in the era of internet? The band is formed by two “beings” called Nocturnal Werewolf of Blasphemous Devastation and Nuclear Goatvomits (bass, vocals) and Malignant Invoker of Kosmik Apocalypse (guitars, drums). I don’t know if I laugh about this tentative to be buried in the deep underground (in a reverse kind of propaganda) or if I simply ignore their “effort”.

But the fact is that all the underground secrecy doesn’t mask one thing: that this band is extremely excellent and has no people to hear them, besides some half dozen of die-hards who already got one of their 300 limited tapes.

This is war metal for maniacs only, indeed! The intro is very (aheeeeem) nuclear, and the first song Satan’s Wrath is simply destructive beyond control.

Misanthropic Annihilation deserves its name for it is an absurd annihilation… which is very misanthropic. HA!

The sound at this point is very repetitive and highly contaminated with lead. This band causes cancer!

More destruction comes in the mushroom form of Crushing the Symbols of the Holy: the massacre of intertwined instruments vomiting blasphemies upon disgusting blasphemies onto the poor listener is a show of superior belligerent force!

Weapons Of Mass Perversion is more destructive (if that is really possible). Non plus ultra backlash of animosity and violent particles of nuclear winter. The aftermath of all atomic bombs exploded at once.

Fistfuckchrist fist fucks Christ. 🙂

Sodomic Nuclear Sunrise means that you won’t see the sunrise, neither the sunset…

…and there is the radioactive outro.

Time and again I see bands with nuclear attitude, gasmasks and whatnot, in the vein of Blasphemy, Revenge, Conqueror and Beherit: but this is the band which invented the FUCK OFF AND DIE OF CANCER BLACK METAL. They don’t need fans. They don’t need groupies. They don’t need wankers. They don’t need you. They want you dead. You and your family. Go kill yourself. Useless piece of human garbage!

Desolation Rituals tape is out now on Iron Bonehead .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Oraculum (Chile) – Sorcery of the Damned – Invictus Productions

Wavelengths of Pure Death Metal Desecration!


Hailing from Chile, Oraculum is a monumental death metal act, demanding respect in their very first effort called Sorcery of the Damned with substantial amounts of harsh guitars, and pure intonation of the South American tradition of extreme metal.

They are experienced musicians in the Chilean scene though: in its ranks the band counts with Wrathprayer musicians Scourge of God (guitars and vocals) and Conqueror of Fear (drums) alongside V. Imprecator from the cult band Ceremonial (guitars) and the drumming of Darkness Prevails, their pseudonyms being a nod to Blasphemy.

But their death metal is old school and satanic, with packs of brutal rifferama, and although not being the fastest act around, the band blends extremely suicidal drums in a mid tempo to slow motion cadence, all the way.

The opener The Vessel of Orichalcum castigates the eardrums with a kind of filthy traditional death metal with hints of thrash metal and black metal alike: Thrash in tempo and black in axework. That’s is not to say that anything shall hamper them to extreme velocities… the very trick here is the constant changes of tempo with short phrases but nothing fancy. One can recognize all these elements while the Ep is spinning.

Primeval Flame is “progressive” in nature: starting with a doom-laden sound, the song gains layers upon layers of horror-like death metal with some dramatic soundbites which culminates in an all-out war! Great solos permeate the number.

Passage I works more like an intermission paving the path to the final act Endarkenment: an 8-minute track with all the previous variations in epic proportions. No fillers and no frills, just theatrical destruction from doom to grindcore, to and fro, cathartic and pharaonic.

This Chilean band is a name to be reckoned with: anti-poser metal for obscure metalheads!

Sorcery of the Damned is out now on Invictus Productions.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Thy Darkened Shade – Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet – W.T.C.Productions

Acausal Necrosophic Black Metal


Nowadays is even more difficult to find good and technical bands inside the extreme music (Black Metal in this case) that excels all others by inventiveness and musical dexterity as Thy Darkened Shade does in this sophomore album Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet.

They excel not only in production, but in snaring one senses that, although their complex melodies up the ante, they are still making solid and reliable metal.

That is to say that Thy Darkened Shade which counts with an arcane The A on vocal duties, a prolific Semjaza (alumni from bands like Ravencult and Acrimonious between others) on bass and ALL guitar duties and an unknown session drummer called H.G., truly do possess the gnosis of the sound.

The album counts with 11 tracks (often clocking in at 10 minutes or more), that balances heaviness, speed, aural satanic chants and a crafty mix.

Albeit long, the tracks have a concrete proposal with firm phrases and subtly changes of tempo.

All the influences raging from old school to second wave forms of Black Metal appear here and there in a balanced form showcasing the tradition of Greek Black Metal.

The guitars show resonant twang pulses that really appeal to the fans of the style.

Sometimes (like in the particular track Deus Absconditus) the satanic thrash metal influence is apparent.

The last track has the contribution of the legend of Greek scene, the master Magus Wampir Daoloth of Necromantia fame.

Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet is a magnum opus (so far) of a young band that has lots to offer to the realm of metal and not black metal alone.

In a world in which bands often opt for incomprehensible musical artistry, or flatly rawness, that means a lot.

Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet is out now on W.T.C.Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Morbosidad – Tortura MLP – Nuclear War Now!

The masters of the terror cult are attacking once again!


Morbosidad is not a band. It’s an institution of blackened death metal. If you are into extreme metal and you don’t know them, please, fuck off and die. Of course these aren’t the most elegant words but false ones deserve satanic whippings.

Rants apart, this is an EP with four tracks of absolutely killer sounds which means that they don’t spare forces in order to proliferate disgraceful frequencies of satanic black music.

First track Entre La Muerte y Desolacion detonates one room with precise riffs and extreme drumming with vomits similar to a volcano exploding expelling desecrations from the guts of hell. Noisy!

En Las Gallas Del Infierno continues the spree of vicious abominations without ANY compromise.

The title track never ever disappoints, showing the wrath of 666 billion demons scorching the worthless human race to shreds.

Batalla De Pecados is pure warlike anthem of atomic proportions with brutal to mid-tempo cadence.

This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard as of late and I do hope they come back soon for more!

Tortura MLP is out now on Nuclear War Now!

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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