Oraculum (Chile) – Sorcery of the Damned – Invictus Productions

Wavelengths of Pure Death Metal Desecration!


Hailing from Chile, Oraculum is a monumental death metal act, demanding respect in their very first effort called Sorcery of the Damned with substantial amounts of harsh guitars, and pure intonation of the South American tradition of extreme metal.

They are experienced musicians in the Chilean scene though: in its ranks the band counts with Wrathprayer musicians Scourge of God (guitars and vocals) and Conqueror of Fear (drums) alongside V. Imprecator from the cult band Ceremonial (guitars) and the drumming of Darkness Prevails, their pseudonyms being a nod to Blasphemy.

But their death metal is old school and satanic, with packs of brutal rifferama, and although not being the fastest act around, the band blends extremely suicidal drums in a mid tempo to slow motion cadence, all the way.

The opener The Vessel of Orichalcum castigates the eardrums with a kind of filthy traditional death metal with hints of thrash metal and black metal alike: Thrash in tempo and black in axework. That’s is not to say that anything shall hamper them to extreme velocities… the very trick here is the constant changes of tempo with short phrases but nothing fancy. One can recognize all these elements while the Ep is spinning.

Primeval Flame is “progressive” in nature: starting with a doom-laden sound, the song gains layers upon layers of horror-like death metal with some dramatic soundbites which culminates in an all-out war! Great solos permeate the number.

Passage I works more like an intermission paving the path to the final act Endarkenment: an 8-minute track with all the previous variations in epic proportions. No fillers and no frills, just theatrical destruction from doom to grindcore, to and fro, cathartic and pharaonic.

This Chilean band is a name to be reckoned with: anti-poser metal for obscure metalheads!

Sorcery of the Damned is out now on Invictus Productions.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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