Black Witchery + Revenge (Canada) – Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom – split MLP/MCD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The cult of annihilation is alive‼‼


The uncompromising cults of Black Witchery and Revenge unite forces in this killer split album that is the wet dream of any necroheadbanger of the face of the Earth.

Honestly, this is what I call perfection in form of music.

The Black Witchery side kicks off with their usual form of putrid Black Metal or Blackened Death Metal if you will. The three songs, Black Death Conjuration, Curse of Malignancy and Profanation Triumph are snappy, fast, short, the embodiment of the nuclear war a là Blasphemy and Conqueror. There’s no pause for rest, lashings of mystical atomic devastation are propelled with high-pitched guitar solos and insanely brisk drumming. No quarter!

The Revenge side counts with only one long song, which is fact two inside one: the first part is a composition of theirs called Humanity Noose with bellows from the abyss where adrenaline runs rampant. Revenge is the tits! Some atomic intervals with some “uh” a la Tom Warrior lead the song to a heavily mid-tempo session, just to return again to the velocity. The vocals are so putrid it smells. It’s pure guttural satanic cult that is NOT for neophytes. I couldn’t expect less from this Canadian Ross Bay Cult! The second part of the song is a cover of Bathory: Equimanthorn. Their version is totally heavier than the original and the only nod is the final part when the “chorus” Equimanthoooooorn is sung. Perfect and exciting.

When I saw this release I knew what to expect without even listening to it. But I did so almost 20 times to make myself sure of a dream coming true: two institutions of the most extreme form of real and organic metal together! If something else is necessary to say to convince you that this is the best release of 2015 so far, so I politely ask you: go fuck yourself! The cult is alive!

Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom – split MLP/MCD is out now on Nuclear War Now! Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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