ENCOFFINATION – III – Hear Me, O’ Death – Selfmadegod Records

The strange funeral sound of American lands…


It’s strange when a label like Selfmadegod, which releases lots of grindcore, place their bets in a FUNERAL death/black metal band like Encoffination.

Details apart this band is really arcane. Well I probably have said the very same about a Funeral band before, but these depressive maniacs never cease to amaze me!

Totally despondent and low pitched this album is so disgraceful it actually makes one happy… and I’m not try to make a joke or a pun, but the sound is really delightful…

All the songs sound the same, no doubt, and for some people not initiated in the arts of Skepticism, Thergothon, Profetus and Mournful Congregation this album is hard to sit through.

Some people claim that the band sounds like Incantation or Grave Upheaval and I do beg to differ. Although some of this may be true (mainly for the doomish side of Incantation) their sound never gets the velocity of aforementioned bands, at least in this album.

That is not to say the band doesn’t honor a unique American flavor contrary to the European and Aussie bands… They pour US sound all the way through the album.

Honestly this disc doesn’t have a “highlight” song simply because it must be tasted in its entirety to be comprehended.

For die-hards only!

III – Hear Me, O’ Death is out now on Selfmadegod Records 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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