Nuclear Perversions – Desolation Rituals tape – Iron Bonehead

Cryptic underrated mega underground war black metal!


First thing that comes to mind when one listens to Nuclear Perversions is: why in the fucking hell someone wants to remain incognito in the era of internet? The band is formed by two “beings” called Nocturnal Werewolf of Blasphemous Devastation and Nuclear Goatvomits (bass, vocals) and Malignant Invoker of Kosmik Apocalypse (guitars, drums). I don’t know if I laugh about this tentative to be buried in the deep underground (in a reverse kind of propaganda) or if I simply ignore their “effort”.

But the fact is that all the underground secrecy doesn’t mask one thing: that this band is extremely excellent and has no people to hear them, besides some half dozen of die-hards who already got one of their 300 limited tapes.

This is war metal for maniacs only, indeed! The intro is very (aheeeeem) nuclear, and the first song Satan’s Wrath is simply destructive beyond control.

Misanthropic Annihilation deserves its name for it is an absurd annihilation… which is very misanthropic. HA!

The sound at this point is very repetitive and highly contaminated with lead. This band causes cancer!

More destruction comes in the mushroom form of Crushing the Symbols of the Holy: the massacre of intertwined instruments vomiting blasphemies upon disgusting blasphemies onto the poor listener is a show of superior belligerent force!

Weapons Of Mass Perversion is more destructive (if that is really possible). Non plus ultra backlash of animosity and violent particles of nuclear winter. The aftermath of all atomic bombs exploded at once.

Fistfuckchrist fist fucks Christ. 🙂

Sodomic Nuclear Sunrise means that you won’t see the sunrise, neither the sunset…

…and there is the radioactive outro.

Time and again I see bands with nuclear attitude, gasmasks and whatnot, in the vein of Blasphemy, Revenge, Conqueror and Beherit: but this is the band which invented the FUCK OFF AND DIE OF CANCER BLACK METAL. They don’t need fans. They don’t need groupies. They don’t need wankers. They don’t need you. They want you dead. You and your family. Go kill yourself. Useless piece of human garbage!

Desolation Rituals tape is out now on Iron Bonehead .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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