Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms – FDA Rekotz

Are they old schoolers? Really?


The guy of the band wears an Entombed tee, they call themselves old school, but Maik Weichert from Heaven Shall Burn praised them. If you didn’t understand the irony, read the beginning of this text again.

Let’s summarize it: They want to sound old school (over again my old rant, by imitating the only old school band they know), but with a polished production and groovy vocals. Hence they are not old-schoolers.

I don’t know when I heard about Desert Fear for the first time, but one thing I can recall: I though the same thing I’m saying right now.

The tempos never ever change, although they put several phrases in effect, making the album sound repetitive, but of course, they are not mediocre musicians.

But their weapons are aimed at a wrong direction. I mean there’s no such a thing like “new old school”. Either you are or not.

You can get some good things here and there, but that’s all. Honestly not the best album I’ve heard these days.

Kingdom of Worms is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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