Inferion – This will Decay – HPGD Productions

Black or Death Metal? When labels can destroy a great band…


Inferion is a band that brands itself as USBM, and although some tracts of the style appear here and there, like some melodic passages and harsh vocals, their instrumental, and consequently all the production that was invested in the effort is totally death metal in nature.

It’s a question of subtleness: they really tried to produce a Black Metal album, but with the wrong producer.

Labeling problems apart, that is not to say this is a bad album, (whatever the style or the angle one chooses to see): The sound is really played with gusto and violence, and of course it gets better time everytime you spin it.

For example the song Carrion for the Scavengers has violent lashings of harsh vocals and an intense instrumental with some time changes. They play like hell, but they manage to make their complex approach of their sound into something that is intelligible for the fans of extreme music.

Another example is the sound A Hell to Endure that is hateful! Yet it has a melodic mid-session, but the guitars are harsh, don’t be deceived by that. The drumming is very intense and the sound very “metallic”.

So the problem here is about classification. They haven’t invented a new style or a new approach of the extreme music by merging elements of death and black metal at the same album: that’s been done for a long time now. What matters is when people say something and you have a completely different vision of the whole thing. Let’s conclude: an excellent extreme metal album. Problem solved.

This will Decay is out now on HPGD Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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