Latitude Egress – To Take Up the Cross – Art of Propaganda

Redundant Black/Doom metal.


Latitude Egress is not really a bad band. The only member, Niklas is an industrious guy from Deutschland… and of course it is a hell of work to produce and record an album managing all the instruments and compositions. For that he deserves kudos.

But he is also industrious in his tentative homogeny that subtly appears on the name of the tracks: To Take Up the Cross When Through It You Can Win a Kingdom; To Cast a Spot upon the Death of Your Death; To Walk at the Hands of a Dial…. Yes, they all look the same and they all sound the same.

Its repetitiveness is painful and only die-hards of this kind of music will support the effort of our brother-in-arms Niklas.

In its favor, Latitude Egress has the virtue to never ever give in to lesser forms of “easy” music in order to try and achieve success. You know, this is no shoegaze for wimps, the sound is very “true” to its proposal, and it’s rocky all the way!

Some people will get their kicks listening to this album though; hypnotic and cyclically iterating, this release is for those who like their metal freezing cold.

To Take Up the Cross is out now on Art of Propaganda 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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