Warrant – Metal Bridge – PURE STEEL RECORDS

The teutonic attack of evil never stops!


Heavy Metal band Warrant (not to be confused with the more famous hair band from Los Angeles) is not here for jokes! Their sound is a professional and solid heavy fucking metal, no mixtures, no poserness, no trends!!

Of course they are no comers in this game: their beginnings date back to 1985, in the golden era of Central Europe metal, when every band was a good surprise.

The very core of Sturm und Drang of Teutonic Heavy Metal seems to have survived all fads from the eras, and it sounds like as Warrant never really stopped as they are still here with full energy to deliver the true metal!

Metal Bridge has a myriad of cult tracks starting with the pedal-to-the-metal attitude of Asylum which showcases a power/speed metal with vocals a la Biff Byford.

The song Come and Get and Get it is really sticky! Man this is the pure strength of steel.

You Keep me in Hell doesn’t stop the massacre and you just can imagine what happens when the other tracks come.

But one of my very faves is Don’t Get mad Get Even with a syncopated drum, lashings of rusty riffs and a bass from hell that gives place to legendary guitars.

This album has 15 tracks, but it never ceases to amuse me with the pure heavy metal attitude. Too bad they carry a name that won’t do them any favor… They should change it in order to get their own cult following.

Metal Bridge is out now on PURE STEEL RECORDS

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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