Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution – Season Of Mist

High precision death metal from Canada


After harboring bands such as Cryptopsy and Archespire, our friends from far north present us with another gem of technical and progressive death metal music.

Beyond Creation comes to this sophomore album with all the creativity and inventiveness of a veteran band, but (alas) with the fresh wind inherent in the youth. All the guys are in their 20’s and the only member that is older than me is the bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe who played in this opus but is not in the band anymore.

All the songs have steady change of phrases and time signatures as well as changes of tempo, making the assimilation a complex and herculean task for mortals. But this sophisticated repertoire of intricate layers is exactly their force and their uppermost quality.

Although comparison with other bands like Obscura or even the above-mentioned Archespire seems inevitable, Beyond Creation has its own way of making music. Sui generis mid-tempo, melodic, but never cheap guitar, refined jazz passages, sharp and understandable parts that are never truncated, and the most important, non-blasé approach of their own musical knowledge.

There are no highlights, however this is not exactly an issue. The totality of the album borrows a lot to the often mistakenly terminology “progressive death metal”. They really bring great amounts of progressive elements from the past without compromising their Brutal Death Metal identity, so if you’re a brutal metalhead with no eardrums for quiet and idyllic things as Yes and Genesis, you won’t hear nothing “agricultural” here, for this is very heavy and ferine metal of death.

Thus Beyond Creation is an oxymoron of labels, but good music doesn’t need to be labeled aside being target as TECHNICAL DEATH METAL. If this is the future of metal, I’m totally into it.

Earthborn Evolution is out now on Season Of Mist.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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