Pestilential Shadows – Ephemeral – Seance

Essential pestilence from Australia.


Frankly, I’ve never heard of Pestilential Shadows before, but now it’s one of my fave Black Metal bands.

Despondent in the vein of Drowning the Light, this excellent band hails from New South Wales, and this is their fourth (!) release amongst EP’s, splits, demos and whatnot.

They transit between the underground and mainstream, but giving no quarter for “symphonic” or “shoegazing” forms of pseudo-black metal. Their intention is pure, their black is very traditional (for me it resounds a little bit of the old Nocturnal Depression), they manage to maintain the interest of the listener from long tracks like Ephemeral to eloquent and obscure black metal anthems like Hymn of Isolation & Suicide. All done with gusto and lust for death, depression and uttermost misery!

The guitars reverbs thru the wall, the slow but intense beats haul one soul to the chasm of pain and sorrow.

Although this kind of Black Metal approach was done one thousand times before (no hyperbole here), somewhat Pestilential Shadows makes its music work in a perfect way.

I do love this opus, and for sure I’ll look for the other works of theirs.

Ephemeral is out now on Seance

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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