K-X-P – History of Techno – Svart Records

Drinking from the waters of Krautrock.


The old and good Krautrock is resurrected. Of course it will be an exaggeration to say that bands are making this style now, as it is dead and gone since the 1970’s, and geographically it only comprises Germany. The other bands CANNOT be considered Krautrock proper.

But that doesn’t make impossible that this musical phenomena from the past have a dedicated cult following (myself included) and that new bands are being formed around the stylistic works of Kraftwerk, Neu!, Can and Faust.

K-X-P comes with this intention here with a repetitive electronic sound, that isn’t exactly “ambient” as Cluster, but they try hard to emulate the pre punk electronics from Deutschland.

First tracks (out of 3) History of Techno (part I & II) and History of Techno (part III & IV) are suites divided in semi-segues with the hypnotic repetitive “tanzmusik” in a subtotal of 25 minutes (out of 34). It’s great, but modern generations of rockers will really misunderstand that.

The last track though, She Time Travels In Every Direction Whenever She Wants, keeps the kraut spirit alive and the sequence evokes not modern music (back off Tomorrow Land fappists‼) but the music of before. The sequence really resound tunes like Autobahn (Kraftwerk) and Neu!

If you don’t get enough of experimental music of Germanic persuasion made in Finland, here’s what you after!

History of Techno is out now on Svart Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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