Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld – Dark Descent Records

Stuck between old school and no school.


This is the third opus of Desolate Shrine a band that I admire. I really do.

But this time around, they got me stuck. For The Heart of the Netherworld is not a bad album, but it has a feature that should be avoided nowadays: long songs in a simple death metal skeleton.

I mean, the songs are dark, cold, heavy and all the jazz… the problem is that their old school sound with a modern “wall-of-noise” production is not enough to fill songs as long as 14 minutes long.

If their sound is good for what it is, if the compositions are cool, they are not exceptional musicians, and this time around they embarked in an ego trip of gargantuan proportions.

For example, there is a 4-minute intro, and just then the death metal starts to roll, in the form of Black Fires of God, which clocks in at 7 minutes, but it’s a mid-tempo song, with some macabre and noir parts in their metal, but not suffice to keep ones attention.

The song that takes the name from the band, Desolate Shrine follows suit. Syncopated drumming all around, repetitive phrases, same tempo all the time, although they dare to change the time signatures here and there. But is really necessary that the song (to) be 10-minute-long? I don’t think so. The thing goes on and on and it never ends…

Well, the same goes to the other tracks insofar as I’m damned to commit the same mistake as they did by prolong this review with fillers, just as they do.

It would be a masterpiece if it was shorter. Unfortunately they misfired.

The Heart of the Netherworld  is out now on Dark Descent Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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The Ritual of Brazilian Darkness.


BESTIAL HOLOCAUST RITUAL IV is a black metal ritual that will take place next October 11th in São Paulo and it’s being organized by Torqverem’s  V.A. Necrovisceral. The bands billed are:

– Abismo (São Paulo/SP)
– Bestymator (Cerquilho/SP)
– Ain Sof Aur (Brasília/DF)
– Ekron Cult (Asunción/PY)
– Infernal Inquisition (Campina Grande/PB)

The address is Fofinho Rock Bar – v. Celso Garcia, 2728 – Tatuapé, São Paulo – SP, Brazil , near Belem Tube/Metro Station, so if you happen to be in Brazil by this date there are no excuses to stay out of this infernal celebration of Supreme evil. More details about the event, visit the page on Facebook:

Below is the map. Google it, put on your GPS or BACK OFF! 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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TEMPLE OF BAAL – Mysterium – Agonia Records

Brutal Black Metal never got so disgraceful.


France and their killer bands: Temple of Baal surpasses anything from that country. What a satanic manifestation in the form of maelstrom of pure evilness.

This is what I call INCORRUPTIBLE metal: done with one aim  that is to praise the lord Satan himself.

The songs are long and strident. The approach is devastating and it gives no quarter for the listener. Seriously, neighbors asked me to turn off the sound while I was listening to this opvs for consideration… I managed to destruct the place with Temple of Baal.

This fifth full length is ritualistic and never ceases to amuse the listener of pure death metal cult. Death Black cult must I say.

There is no song, (NEVER, EVER) that has a kind of pause, or intermission, this is just attack upon attack but I must highlight the song Hosanna which is truly devastating and razes the place to the ground.

Another one that took me aback was the track Black Redeeming Flame with an impossible-to-replicate drumming from depths of very hell.

The vocals in the fastest track Holy Art Thou appears in the form of invocations inside a burning abyss.

Mysterium is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for wannabe black metallers, It’s not for depressive gay heads.

This is the archetype of destruction and multifarious anathema. Baal-zebuth is happy in hell.

Mysterium  will be released next Octover 2nd on Agonia Records. Order NOW!

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Terveet Kädet – Lapin helvetti – Svart Records

Suomi punk-hardcore legends are still making lotsa noise!


Okay, so you say to everybody that you’re a punk rocker, and you don’t have any idea about Terveet Kädet and its importance to the worldwide hardcore scene. I must say sir, with all due respect to you and your kind that you are an utterly poser, wear out this fucking Mohawk and go back to your stupid job.

This is for the strong ones. It’s been a long way since the old days of Rock Laahausta Vastaan and their sound has changed lots through the years, but hell, this is aggression in form of music: I just can think of Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death when I hear this short release.

Yes, it’s short, although they manage to pack 18 tracks at 20 minutes and 55 seconds: an average of 11 seconds and 27 centiseconds per sound, if my mathematics is not truncated.

Anyway this shit is fast as the speed of light with noisy change of phrases every 10 seconds, in a vortex of punk craziness never heard before. ONLY IN FINLAND!

It’s impossible to highlight one or two tracks, and I have heard this CD DOZENS of times to make this review, but I’d say that Kuoletus, Elämälle Vieraita Piirteitä and Aivoleikkuri (this one clocking in at only 36 seconds) are the preferred ones in my book.

Despite of all melodic A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N. hardcore bullshit produced throughout the times (and I’m not talking shit against the “empire” because I’m no fucking commie you know) Terveet Kädet firmly follows in their credo that street punk, hardcore and grindcore are still alive and kicking ass of youngsters who think they make some kind of noise out there. Poor devils. They hadn’t reckoned on Suomi music.

Lapin helvetti is out now on Svart Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Todesstoß – Hirngemeer – I, Voidhanger Records

The death blow from Munich!


Disgrace, depression, satanic bellows and experimentalism: What could be more extreme? Hirngemeer , the new album of German lads of Todesstoß has all these elements in 3 strange songs.

The opus is pure musical anarchy, it follows no order, although if one could put a pattern it would be DSBM, but it is much more.

The first track Verwehung clocks in at 28 minutes (!) and it sounds like an orgy of crazy people. The bedlam of screams, off-beat instrumentation, harmonicas and a sort of impromptu attitude permeates the whole song. Dadaist Black Metal is what they are. The discordant harmonica and the drumming with reverbs fluster the senses. The calm part is a stratagem to get you and hurl you down with a maelstrom of out-of-tune guitars and cacophonic waves of satanic upheaval from the murky soils of inferno.

Narbenkaefig starts with a muddy bass and changes to spatial effects, then over again the torment resumes with that strangest sound of the drum… the surreal influx of side-effects and nauseous and enduring bemoans results in pseudo-thrash riffs with stannic roars in a clangor of woebegone dolefulness, axe amorphous attacks in an ousting of manic spews from the chasm of expletive and glossolalia. 34 minutes seems not enough to destroy the listener.

Strom der Augenblicke is the only thing near coherence: an electronic beat brimming with sonic lunacy.

Hirngemeer is craziness. It is something that wouldn’t be done, but once it has been, it becomes a classic. Yet to be studied, evaluated and classified by the musical archeologists of post-apocalyptic future.

 Hirngemeer  is going to be released on September 25th on I, Voidhanger Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Skepticism – Ordeal – Svart Records

The ordeal of the Ordeal…


Skepticism is the number one band of Funeral Doom Metal in the world, and they are second to none… Think about any name: Mournful Congregation, Profetus, Funeral, Nortt, Bunkur… no band is match to the sadness and despondency that oozes when Skepticism is playing their inanimate symphony.

This time around they do so in front of an audience and I bet a pound that the very audience was quiet in their seats while suffering waiting for the end of the show.

Because it’s hard to sit through Ordeal: 77 minutes distributed in only 8 songs, that are totally alike, with the same intonation, tempo, texture… The soundscape is not happy, any beat on drum kit is a chore, any chore is a pain, any pain tears the heart apart.

The good thing here is that one is dealing with THE professionals. The sound is heavy but crystal clear, the guitars buzz but they are perfected captured, the drums are semi-ludicrous but the sound is beautiful.

That is to say one is not handling with an amateur pseudo black metal bedroom project. This is the real deal, not emo-led post-rock or shoegaze by any means. This is the epitome of the snail-paced sufferance, the apex of bummer, the zenith of sadness.

Sounds of standing ovation are heard by the end of the CD. People are faithfully masochist. And so am I.

Ordeal  is out now on Svart Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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De Profundis – Kingdom Of The Blind – Wickerman Recordings

The British still command the art of music.


I like intricate music. I really do. I’m the kind of guy who before listening to the crudeness of Black Metal, Punk Rock and the innocent approach of the seminal Heavy Metal bands, I was totally into tech Thrash and Death Metal: Sepultura, Atheist, Death, Suffocation, you name it. Then when I felt it was a time to go ahead I was into Frank Zappa and Krautrock. Then when I felt it was a time to reconnect myself with contemporary bands, I went into Cryptopsy, Origin, Archspire, Deeds of Flesh and the likes.

So I truly, I really, I genuinely understand when I find a gem of grandiose technical proportions in front of me. Something so valuable that it’s incommensurable, and it only can be comprehended by several spins, by eardrums dedication and a certain taste for complex.

What I described above it’s simply the new album of De Profundis, Kingdom Of The Blind. Changes of tempo, time signatures, phrases and even rhythm going from death to JAZZ in a moment. Comprehensive solos, terrific drumming, superlative bass and first rate vocals.

Tracks like Kult Of The Orthodox and Illumination sets the pace of the whole CD raging from brutal to melodic (courtesy of some dramatic solos) and how they manage to keep this thin equilibrium is anyone’s guess. Up to this point the most attentive listener perceives that the rule of the thumb here is that no phrase and subsequently change of tempo and/or time signature should have an interval bigger than, let’s say, twenty seconds. It’s like they have an impatience for the constant changing, the music must stay dynamic, not static.

But the best tracks are those they abruptly change from noise to intimate fusion/jazz. And by jazz I’m not trying to say they sound like a crazy free jazz from the 1950’s. They are mathematic. They are methodic, they have musical OCD, if they don’t calculate they will die. Tracks using this mode of operation (in their case, a modus vivendi rather than Modus Operandi) are All Consuming and the improbable The Antagonist.

But tracks like Kingdoms Of The Blind goes to and fro and they never disappoint.

I must say that this album is not so difficult to understand, as it was difficult to describe. How to describe beauty? Poets try and I’m not a fucking Chaucer or Lord Byron, for fuck’s sake! Because the album is not a chore, although its alleged intricacy: It’s elaborate but it’s a delicious task to hear it. Time and time again. Until the end of the time.

Kingdom Of The Blind  is set to be released on September 28 on Wickerman Recordings .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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