NECROPHAGIA – WhiteWorm Cathedral – Season of Mist

Pure old school faith!


Necrophagia is a band that dismisses presentation for they are one of the oldest death metal acts in the world, so let’s go to the facts!

I’ve never been a great fan of the band, maybe for lack of time to appreciate their albums (and you know I had my faves back in the day)

But I have to admit this is strongly one the best death metal albums I’ve hear in the last times.

Songs like Reborn through Black Mass, Вий (probably a nod to Gogol’s horror history) and Angel Blake sets the pace for the album: a middle paced death metal indeed. Very old school but very sticky as well.

The songs are so powerful that they beat the daylights out of me!

But the things get really hot in the track Elder Things which is pure disgraceful metal of hell.

Coffins follow suit with its delicious rifferama that resounds a German Heavy Metal band but with death metal vocals… what a song, man, what a song!

Now the parade of excellent songs starts:

Hexen Nacht is the epitome of evil metal of death. It’s really satanic and goatic worship to the necro-rituals. The line: Malleus Maleficarum / Thirteen, Bible Black… repeated in the chorus really turns me on!! The bottom line: fucking ace!

March of the Deathcorps(e) is a pun with the nazi zombies! Rad as fuck! It reads: War, war, war… March, march of the Deathcorps(e).. Immune to pain / Fourth Reich to rise / Experiments in torture / A mission of genocide. The time signature is the simplest ever, notwithstanding it’s compelling beyond control! The riffs are peta-heavy!

This is a traditional band that no one messes around and this album WhiteWorm Cathedral is the best shot of the band so far. Listen to it or die. Listen to it AND die too! Fuck you!

WhiteWorm Cathedral  is out now on  Season of Mist.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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