Vaner Versori – The Path – Self-relased

Bluesy and full of feeling.


Brazilian guitarist Vaner Versori (guitarist of the band Death n Roll), joined forces with two other Death N Roll allumni (Anderson Barros, bass and Paulo Falavigna, drums) to record this little masterpiece of good taste.

The Path is an instrumental CD produced by Fábio Ferreira (guitarist of death metal band Sangrena) and presents 9 songs clocking in at 34 minutes of pure rock n roll.

The songs are over the top, starting with Boogie with a strong American feeling in it.

Bluesy Journey has the most suitable name ever. Restless and joyful the song gets hot under the collar with an extravagant solo that is as fast as the speed of light. This dichotomy is great and shows intelligence and originality.

Strange Path of Dreams is catchy as fuck and although Versori restrains his insane soloing sparing his guitar, the song is very strong!

Friends (Honor) is a semi-acoustic piece, calmer and delightful.

Song for Jannicken is the very proof that Brazilian musicians have quality to show their art to the world. Beautiful and delicate the song has a strong feeling that over again evolves in an insane soloing although the piece intends to be romantic. At this point try to find some flaw, any… you will find nothing.

Interlude shows a little bit of Brazilian sound. I really don’t know if that was the intention but only a Brazilian guy can play like that!

May it be, although being a great idea, sounds more like a filler with its expanded middle session, but the song returns to its normal MO.

Free to Riff is the penultimate one, and although the name is not the best one, the song is bigger than life and a helluva tune. Dude I really love this one, for fucking sure!

To pack the album the title track with its syncopated drumming and dramatic solos, it’s a trip to the unknown. It’s simply fetching (what else is new up to this point?). 

The Path is a tour de force into the world of instrumental music, played with gusto by all parts involved, and although the project is named after the guitarist, kudos to Mr Barros and Mr Falavigna for the great work as rhythmic session.

This album comes in a luxury digipak and you can get a copy at

The Path is out now and it’s self-released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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