Abominor – Opus: Decay – Invictus

Disgraceful metal coming from the land of the ice!


When someone things about Iceland, then a Viking band like Sólstafir or inevitably that terrible pop act Björk (hahahaha) comes to mind.

So, to guess that a terrible and brutal death black machine of satanic evil comes from that volcanic land was unthinkable. Up to this point…

Abominor brings plague and destruction in medieval forms! Mid-tempo lashes of pure satanic mortification, the hell is inevitable. The sound is packed in a layer of heaviness and noise, so the drumming can get faster, with lashings upon lashings of brutal punishment simply for your abortive existence! Of course I’m talking about the obsidian track 474 which clocks in at 12 minutes of pure abject contempt! The vocals are guttural as hell and the mix between the rhythm session and guitars make it difficult to distinguish the riffs, but this is just a matter of time and how many times you spin the opus to get used to it.

Second track (and the last) called Opus Decay mirrors the first one in so many ways and this is not bad. The middle session has a repetitive riff and phrase that will do for those with difficulty with the wall of noise!

Abominor shows in their debut that they are an evil force majeure to be reckoned with! This is pure Black Death attack and the Plague doctors from dark ages will be back to finish your worthless life!

Opus: Decay  was released on September 4th by Invictus 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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