Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination – ATMF

The end is nigh.


Kommandant always has been one of my fave bands, and it’s easy to know why: Since their inception by the release of Iron Hands on Scandinavia I’ve been following their work of metallic deconstruction. Their imposing resolve is what drove me throughout the years!

Now with Architects of Extermination they open a new chapter in their history of brutal and offensive death metal.

I used to call them war metal, bestial black metal and the likes but their sound evolved to somewhat a chaotic death metal, being fast or mid-tempo.

The songs balance is in this MO: grandiloquent tunes of doom and relentless velocity all over.

For example the first track Let our Vengeance Rise is not so fast, it tastes beat upon beat with heaviest riffs and unintelligible bellows!

The second track called The Architects of Extermination has extreme velocity and thickness to destroy like a Tesla’s Death Ray! It’s intense and very, very hard to get.

Oedipism alters the vocalization and the time signatures sound really strange with the due change of tempo. Not that it’s somewhat completely new, but it seems Kommandant perverted the order of extreme metal in some unexplainable way!

Aquisition of Power alternates between fast and mid-tempo moods, doomish as fuck, the vocals sunk in the mix, rambunctious and rowdy!

Over again Killing Word appeals to the opposite direction with a slow motion tempo and bashes from beyond.

And Nation Shall Rise Against Nation is extreme and takes no prisoners. The ultimate word in extreme violence and cacophony…

Rise and Fall of Empire is definitely no sticky! The bawls from the other side cause confusion and disorder.

Last track Onward To Extinction with its pharaonic approach of the end of the days is pure holocaustic brutality.

The Architects Of Extermination is not easy to grasp. It will not elevate Kommandant to the outpost of favorites of teenagers. It’ll confound even veterans. Certainly an avant-garde approach but with the basilar sound that is intrinsic to one of the most insane acts off all time.

The Architects Of Extermination is out now on  ATMF

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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