Hibria – Hibria – Power Prog Records

New Powerful attack from the Brazilian Power Metal Powerhouse!


Power Metal maniacs Hibria are back with their fifth self-titled album with pure adrenaline Heavy Metal for defenders of the faith.

I still remember when I heard the fury of their album Defying the Rules played with violence and gusto. I got the Cd and it was a non-stop success here in my town.

11 years later they show that they are still with the same energy with extreme soloings and the bigger- than-life vocals of Iuri Sanson. This is not a drill and fans of this kind of music will reach the sonic orgasm by hearing the opener Pain with melodic yet destructive vocals and production. As a matter of fact the whole thing is so HEAVY that sometimes one forgets that he’s listening to a Brazilian Power Metal band. Forget Angra, this is tenfold more violent and headbanging!

Abyss has desperate vocals and the drumming is just mental beyond control‼ The solos and changes of phrases and sometimes new approach of time signatures come out of the blue and take the listener by surprise.

Tightrope is the heaviest track in my opinion resembling an uncontrolled Backhoe loader coming to the doom of the whole neighborhood!

The short song Legacy resounds Judas Priest a little bit, but this band has a strong identity to not ape anyone.

Church with virulence against the money robbers and they preach about of a HELL CHURCH! Rad as fuck! Place all your money by my side / Please, be my guest in my church in hell.

There are some parts in this album that is not as heavy as intended, but as nothing is perfect it is a great album anyway and I’m again interested in what Hibria has to offer: relentless metal, pure steel and bombastic sounds! If you don’t like it, you better kill yourself!

 Hibria is out now on  Power Prog Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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