Horna – Hengen Tulet – W.T.C. Productions

Pure Suommi Cult!


The best, I repeat, the best band from Finland and one of the best of the history of Black Metal is back.

Horna is not a name, it’s a brand. One can already infer what the band has to offer: sinister and raw-hardcore Black Metal.

They are not one of my faves by chance: they always have something new even if their sound is simple. How they manage to do that is anyone’s guess.

They have no single bad album, but after the excellent Askel lähempänä Saatanaa, this full lengthy Hengen Tulet   is even better, cruder and sootier than their other works.

Amadriada opens up the album with a metallic drum set that sounds like it was recorded in a place with a zinc roof. Hardcore song with a break for some “mosh” part, although this is rough as fuck to be considered upbeat art.

The malevolent attack of tetanus continues in the second noisy track called Ajan Päättyessä. Over again the foul sound takes over!

Nekromantia is not fast: along with its ominous riffs, as the drumming goes in a snail pace the guitars become more audible, but the wall of metallic noise is always there! Perfection for it is, as always has been, the truest sound ever, one that rocker fans (do you know, those who like Burzum and System of a Down at the same time?) won’t assimilate and they will fall in the abyss of disgrace if they try the almighty Horna!

Tämä Maailma Odottaa is another northern attack of impure metal. Cutting like a rusty knife the music is extreme and boisterous!

To pack the total disgrace, the track Profeettasi delivers more of the same, but who said that I wanted something different? This is the epitome of a sequence of no compromising oxidized songs that is made to the sole purpose to faze posers, to blow false ones out of the water! Neophites are not welcome in this cult. Go away. Leave the black metal for the cultgoers of Satan!

Hengen Tulet is going to be release on September 22nd on W.T.C.Productions.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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