Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead LP/CD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The cult of war-like tact is back after 5 years!


It’s been five years since their last full length Incendiary came to light. Okay you can count Veneration, a compilation of covers that came out three years later…

But let’s say Veneration was the rehearsal for new studio techniques adopted by the band ever since: recorded during 2014, The Unburiable Dead, an album that intends to recount the War to End of Wars of 1914, track by track, makes all sense when you see the art attributed to Dadaist (and later member of Neue Sachlichkeit) George Grosz called Die Grube (German for the Pit), painted in 1946.

The painstaking time producing the album paid off. The songs are akin to a progressive War Metal (yeah, they just invented it) when the sound per se maintains the dirtiness and rottenness of blackened thrash/death metal but with elaborate changes of tempo and modest time signatures here and there, enough to make this album to be difficult to understand at the first spin, actually it took me several ones to understand and to dig what is going on!

But in the very core, although they are reminiscent members from the cult band Order of Chaos, their sound is analogous to bands like Deathhammer, Nocturnal, Nocturnal Breed, Desaster and Destroyer 666

There are only 7 tracks, and the album starts with the thrashy Ubique that sets the pace of the things to come, pure thrash metal riffs and classic changes of phrases. The vocals, of course are very rough in a Wave upon wave, upon wave, upon wave, of pure adrenaline and headbanging sound lines.

Nom de Guerre is shorter, syncopated and more aggressive than the first track, and these guys really bought the trenches to your home. Warrrrr!

Salient and Redoubt is more mid-tempo while Demoralize is pure massacre with lots of variations! Harsh vocals from combat are ubiquitous and “military” drumming by the middle to final session before exploding in a noisy solo is second to none!

Writhe/Fettered to a Corpse is an instrumental piece and they abuse of their death thrash experimentalism with changes of tempo and phrases in a short span of time, always circumventing the mindset of listener and I’m not being rude here. Honestly I thing this could be the framework of the great part of the bands, so their music would be a way more interesting! The final solo, sounding like a broken plane falling from the skies is simply magnificent.

The title track The Unburiable Dead starts with an acoustic guitar and is an epic song of course, but strangely it sounds like the big pieces of music that Metallica made in albums from Ride the Lightning to …and Justice for All. Maybe I’m committing an incongruity here but that what sounds like to me.

And then comes the icing on the cake, the final 11-minute long Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League) explores the theme of “Ship of Fools”, a vessel without pilot with the passengers adrift without any idea where they are going… Maybe this is an allegory of the Treaty of Versailles which culminated in the greatest disaster in human history… The song is very progressive divided in three parts, making it an epodic disgruntled thrash metal anthem (I know it’s an oxymoron).

The Unburiable Dead is certainly a masterpiece and the magnum opus of Ares Kingdom that they will have difficulty to surpass in the near future or any given future… This is mandatory for those who like good music, heavy music, and work of art. One of the best albums of 2015!

The Unburiable Dead LP/CD  will be released on September 18th on Nuclear War Now! Productions, but if you are curious and you can’t wait, you can always go to Bancamp and check this album out immediately. Follow this link.


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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