Nekrofilth – Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp) – Hells Headbangers

21-minutes of pure filth!


Nekrofilth, for those who still don’t know is a metalpunk band from US formed by Nunslaughter member Zack Rose.

Filling My Blood with Poison… actually is a demo recorded in 2009 and released now, so expect a live-low budged sound (with) intermingled instruments in a mass of punk noise!

The songs are reminiscent of the great and immortal Discharge of course, but with lots of black metal influences like Hellhammer (who themselves were influenced by Discharge).

The tracks are short beginning with Filled With Disease a rapid hardcore with high-pitched guitars recorded in a worst possible way. Rad!

Other great song is Worship Destruction that is punk as fuck remembering some Chaos UK from the first album.

The fifty-second Get Fucked is so brutal and satanic it rips!

There is even a quasi-unrecognizable cover of GBH Necrophilia, played much faster than the original!

Filling My Blood With Poison… is like a live gig captured by lousy mics and without overdubs. I recommend if you want to raise some hell!

Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp)  is out now on  Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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