Kult Ofenzivy – Nauky různic LP – Iron Bonehead

The Kult stays un-PC!


Kult Ofenzivy is an extreme and orthodox band from Czech Republic. This is “their” 3rd album and the sound (like the 1st and the 2nd) sounds like old Darkthrone: velocity all the way without variations.

This is a band that even being buried in the deep underground of the Eastern Europe is a promising one in the scene of Black Metal (just like Maniac Butcher was) and it MUST remain a staple for RADICAL black metallers worldwide!

This album can be called an EP for it clocks in at only 25 minutes distributed in 5 songs.

Pt I: Do deju vstupovat a stavby, v narušenost sten… is harsh and rough. The high-pitched sound is enough to disturb the neighborhood. Pure fast attack!

Pt II: Osudove naplnen údaji chorob nemohoucnosti… is jagged and discordant, the dream of every black metaller!

Pt III: Na jiné prísahat a k temto nemít pojítek a lan… is astringent and raspy as fuck. Disgrace in form of noise.

Pt IV: Kde uloženy zákaz, neústupnost a touha s nimi nesdílet? is dissonant and grating, the orgasm of infernal and primitive headbangers.

Pt V: Cožpak ta nejvetší díla vznikají z nedbalosti? is caustic and stinging, an one-way ticket to the valley of eternal torment.

This is pure evil, fast, fast, and faster. Actually is one of the fastest bands around. No compromise, no quarter, no prisoners. Only destruction, hate, abomination, scorn and desolation. Well I think you got the point!

Nauky různic LP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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