Armament (India) – First Strike – Transcending Obscurity

Teuto-American assault… from INDIA!


Indian band Armament is virtually unknown to western world, but I believe that is about to change since they practice a thrash metal that follows the school of the elders: A sound so raw, yet exciting that is impossible to resist their cleverness and their gusto in playing this style that is always in vogue!

In this case they remember the modus operandi of Sodom, with that repetitive drumming with the vocals of Mille Petrozza. Yes, this is a perfect symbiosis of Kreator and Sodom.

The first sound is a short track called Hammer of… that goes straight to the point.  Rapid fire to the enemies, killing everyone one sight. First is strike is indeed deadly!

The second thrash anthem is Chaos Prevails with some backbeats that are absolutely breathtaking.

But the best track is Wings of Death that is a timebomb set to explode everything in sight. And when it detonates, brother, run for shelter. What a rad tune!

The last track is a raddest cover of Agent Steel,  Unstoppable Force, and John Cyriis will cry if someday he hears this version. Simply astonishing.

First Strike ought to be follow by a Second Strike, a Third one and so on, because this band is a helluva neckbreaker.

First Strike is out now on Transcending Obscurity.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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