Warhead – Widowmaker [Single] – Self-Released

Mercy to no one!


This band is the typical American Thrash Metal band, keeping the tradition that never dies. Fast with sticky vocals, mosh parts and all the jive.

Although there exists more FIVE bands in the American territory alone called Warhead, for sure this is the more exciting one. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to hear to their full length Deathrow, released in 2013, but if it follows this sound, man, what a band!

Sadly this has just one song Widowmaker that would be re-released months later as a split with Bridgeburner.

The songs starts slow, showcasing some Nuclear Assault riffs, then a sudden stop and so starts the thrash binge with guitar in the vein of Tankard (although Tankard being German, but you know, the internet)…

Being it a single, one has the opportunity to learn the lyrics by heart and by the middle to final part of the song there is an intense solo, and the thrashing never ever stops. It’s truly perfect.

I hope to hear more about these cats in the future, but for now I’ll chase their old album to satisfy my lust for thrash metal attack!

Widowmaker [Single]  is out now and it’s Self-Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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