De Profundis – Kingdom Of The Blind – Wickerman Recordings

The British still command the art of music.


I like intricate music. I really do. I’m the kind of guy who before listening to the crudeness of Black Metal, Punk Rock and the innocent approach of the seminal Heavy Metal bands, I was totally into tech Thrash and Death Metal: Sepultura, Atheist, Death, Suffocation, you name it. Then when I felt it was a time to go ahead I was into Frank Zappa and Krautrock. Then when I felt it was a time to reconnect myself with contemporary bands, I went into Cryptopsy, Origin, Archspire, Deeds of Flesh and the likes.

So I truly, I really, I genuinely understand when I find a gem of grandiose technical proportions in front of me. Something so valuable that it’s incommensurable, and it only can be comprehended by several spins, by eardrums dedication and a certain taste for complex.

What I described above it’s simply the new album of De Profundis, Kingdom Of The Blind. Changes of tempo, time signatures, phrases and even rhythm going from death to JAZZ in a moment. Comprehensive solos, terrific drumming, superlative bass and first rate vocals.

Tracks like Kult Of The Orthodox and Illumination sets the pace of the whole CD raging from brutal to melodic (courtesy of some dramatic solos) and how they manage to keep this thin equilibrium is anyone’s guess. Up to this point the most attentive listener perceives that the rule of the thumb here is that no phrase and subsequently change of tempo and/or time signature should have an interval bigger than, let’s say, twenty seconds. It’s like they have an impatience for the constant changing, the music must stay dynamic, not static.

But the best tracks are those they abruptly change from noise to intimate fusion/jazz. And by jazz I’m not trying to say they sound like a crazy free jazz from the 1950’s. They are mathematic. They are methodic, they have musical OCD, if they don’t calculate they will die. Tracks using this mode of operation (in their case, a modus vivendi rather than Modus Operandi) are All Consuming and the improbable The Antagonist.

But tracks like Kingdoms Of The Blind goes to and fro and they never disappoint.

I must say that this album is not so difficult to understand, as it was difficult to describe. How to describe beauty? Poets try and I’m not a fucking Chaucer or Lord Byron, for fuck’s sake! Because the album is not a chore, although its alleged intricacy: It’s elaborate but it’s a delicious task to hear it. Time and time again. Until the end of the time.

Kingdom Of The Blind  is set to be released on September 28 on Wickerman Recordings .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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