Skepticism – Ordeal – Svart Records

The ordeal of the Ordeal…


Skepticism is the number one band of Funeral Doom Metal in the world, and they are second to none… Think about any name: Mournful Congregation, Profetus, Funeral, Nortt, Bunkur… no band is match to the sadness and despondency that oozes when Skepticism is playing their inanimate symphony.

This time around they do so in front of an audience and I bet a pound that the very audience was quiet in their seats while suffering waiting for the end of the show.

Because it’s hard to sit through Ordeal: 77 minutes distributed in only 8 songs, that are totally alike, with the same intonation, tempo, texture… The soundscape is not happy, any beat on drum kit is a chore, any chore is a pain, any pain tears the heart apart.

The good thing here is that one is dealing with THE professionals. The sound is heavy but crystal clear, the guitars buzz but they are perfected captured, the drums are semi-ludicrous but the sound is beautiful.

That is to say one is not handling with an amateur pseudo black metal bedroom project. This is the real deal, not emo-led post-rock or shoegaze by any means. This is the epitome of the snail-paced sufferance, the apex of bummer, the zenith of sadness.

Sounds of standing ovation are heard by the end of the CD. People are faithfully masochist. And so am I.

Ordeal  is out now on Svart Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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