Todesstoß – Hirngemeer – I, Voidhanger Records

The death blow from Munich!


Disgrace, depression, satanic bellows and experimentalism: What could be more extreme? Hirngemeer , the new album of German lads of Todesstoß has all these elements in 3 strange songs.

The opus is pure musical anarchy, it follows no order, although if one could put a pattern it would be DSBM, but it is much more.

The first track Verwehung clocks in at 28 minutes (!) and it sounds like an orgy of crazy people. The bedlam of screams, off-beat instrumentation, harmonicas and a sort of impromptu attitude permeates the whole song. Dadaist Black Metal is what they are. The discordant harmonica and the drumming with reverbs fluster the senses. The calm part is a stratagem to get you and hurl you down with a maelstrom of out-of-tune guitars and cacophonic waves of satanic upheaval from the murky soils of inferno.

Narbenkaefig starts with a muddy bass and changes to spatial effects, then over again the torment resumes with that strangest sound of the drum… the surreal influx of side-effects and nauseous and enduring bemoans results in pseudo-thrash riffs with stannic roars in a clangor of woebegone dolefulness, axe amorphous attacks in an ousting of manic spews from the chasm of expletive and glossolalia. 34 minutes seems not enough to destroy the listener.

Strom der Augenblicke is the only thing near coherence: an electronic beat brimming with sonic lunacy.

Hirngemeer is craziness. It is something that wouldn’t be done, but once it has been, it becomes a classic. Yet to be studied, evaluated and classified by the musical archeologists of post-apocalyptic future.

 Hirngemeer  is going to be released on September 25th on I, Voidhanger Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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