TEMPLE OF BAAL – Mysterium – Agonia Records

Brutal Black Metal never got so disgraceful.


France and their killer bands: Temple of Baal surpasses anything from that country. What a satanic manifestation in the form of maelstrom of pure evilness.

This is what I call INCORRUPTIBLE metal: done with one aim  that is to praise the lord Satan himself.

The songs are long and strident. The approach is devastating and it gives no quarter for the listener. Seriously, neighbors asked me to turn off the sound while I was listening to this opvs for consideration… I managed to destruct the place with Temple of Baal.

This fifth full length is ritualistic and never ceases to amuse the listener of pure death metal cult. Death Black cult must I say.

There is no song, (NEVER, EVER) that has a kind of pause, or intermission, this is just attack upon attack but I must highlight the song Hosanna which is truly devastating and razes the place to the ground.

Another one that took me aback was the track Black Redeeming Flame with an impossible-to-replicate drumming from depths of very hell.

The vocals in the fastest track Holy Art Thou appears in the form of invocations inside a burning abyss.

Mysterium is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for wannabe black metallers, It’s not for depressive gay heads.

This is the archetype of destruction and multifarious anathema. Baal-zebuth is happy in hell.

Mysterium  will be released next Octover 2nd on Agonia Records. Order NOW!

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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