Carma – Carma – Labyrinth Productions

Funeral Doom and Atmospheric Black Metal merged as one.


Carma is the debut album of the band of the same name hailing from Portugal. They manage to do a kind of atmospheric black metal with a strong accent of funeral doom metal, but with a ridiculously good production (sorry for the Hegelian mannerism).

The album was self-produced and it was mastered by the Austrian lad Stefan Traunmüller (Rauhnåcht, Wallachia), maybe why the behemothic production.

The songs, although despondent, are examples of how to make an extreme sad idea turn into something amusing to be heard of: normally the bands accept that if their sound is about suffering, or solitude, or something of the kind, that the listener MUST suffer as well with bad quality music. Not the case here.

The first song works as an intro and it is called Sonhos (Dreams), followed by an explosion of heaviness and dark elegance in the song Procissão (Pilgrimage) that is ultra snail-paced with a black metal approach on the rifferama, and the whole thing flows perfectly into the third track called Feto (Fetus) that merges the thickness of doom with the meagre sound of Black…

But the icing on the cake is the multi-phrased Reflexo with homeopathic riffs into a myriad of moods. This band seems an oxymoron, but they overmastered the art of changing the climates of the songs.

By the time of Lamento (Lament) the truth is showed to the listener, that despite making a sound that millions do in a simple way, they are skilled musicians creating a detailed soundscape of doomish black metal. The track is alleged inspired by the suite Peer Gynt (the same that contains the world famous piece In the Hall of the Mountain King, albeit it not appears here) by the Norwegian Classic composer Grieg.

The last track Adeus (Goodbye) may have an easy title, but over again the opening keyboard sets the scene for a great closer using simplicity as sophistication. A cliché by this writer part I admit, but it’s just the way that it is.

Carma is an excellent debut album. It’s rare nowadays. It shows that the band does have a brilliant future ahead of them… if they manage to conquer and tame the monster that they’ve just created.

Carma  is out TODAY (October 1st) on Labyrinth Productions.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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