Convent Guilt – Guns for Hire – Shadow Kingdom Records

Truest stuff from down under!


Oz is the land of metal, it truly is. But they aren’t particularly known for their trad metal instance. Death Metal? Checked! Black Metal? Checked! Blackened Death Metal? Checked sir! But old school heavy metal? That is news for me.

Anyway… what good news! Guns for Hire is a delicious piece of old and traditional heavy metal in the vein of NWOBHM and the bands that flowered out of Great Britain around the same time. I daresay that this is a compendium of the very beginnings of the style.

First song is called Angels in Black Leather, and it resounds something like Tysondog. Very true indeed. If the vocalist is not exactly Michael Kiske, he delivers a delicious voice singing in a simple way, proving that sometimes less is more.

Second song – Don’t close your eyes – is like Samson or 2 Minutes to Midnight in snail pace. A great song.

Third assault is called Perverse Altar and is sticky as fuck! Man, this is what Metalucifer is trying to do since the 1990’s. They emulate the sound of the old so perfectly that if someone came and said that this was a lost gem from the past I would believe!

They Took Her Away is marvelous to say at least: it’s pure medieval/folk song this time differing from the other tracks, but fuck dude, this one took tears from my eyes. So noble were their cavalcade through medieval times that they should receive a reward for have invented the time machine.

Other songs mirror the first ones and one can just infer that they are equally excellent… well, they are!

Convent Guilt and their Guns for Hire album is a precious stone that was found by Shadow Kingdom Records, not by chance, the same label that releases Manilla Road and Johnny Touch… (this album is a re-released originally launched last year by the Italian label Cruz del Sur Music.)

Get this, even if ironically you can put you filthy hands in the digital copy… It’s worthy your money and your time!

Guns for Hire is out now on Shadow Kingdom Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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