Denial (Mexico) – 11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Mexican Denial EP after 6 years.


Mexican band Denial is back on the track with an old school mid-tempo death metal in the vein of Brutality, Resurrection and the likes, with a very heavy production and only two intricate and serpentine tracks!

First one is called The Involution of Kings and has lots of short phrases. This behavior doesn’t configure a band like “technical death metal”, but assuming that one plays death metal he’s technical per se. All the more, this band values the old school factor, so they’d never ape “slam” kiddos. They are, as I always like to say, the real deal.

.. and you know the deal is real when you hear the second track The Elder Race, a luscious piece of old school riffs in the vein of Autopsy, Cianide and the likes… Sometimes they fall into that strange relativism (I’m talking about the bands that sound like Entombed) but that is just an impression, for I’m convinced if the band is old school they always will echo Entombed in a way or another.

11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E is a strange name, I put this coordinates on Google and it pointed to nowhere in the Pacific Ocean, as it is “near” Philippines I daresay they were trying to point to Devil’s Sea. Who knows?

Anyway the wind blows, this EP is for cultists of a time long lost… Get your fucking copy!

11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E 7″ EP is out T.O.D.A.Y. (October 2nd) on Blood Harvest

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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