One Year Delay – Deep Breath – Pavement Entertainment

This band is really bad. Like in REALLY, ACTUALLY BAD!


If you don’t want to read this article, I’ll make a summary for you: This band is utterly commercial with the worst vocalist I’ve heard in ALL MY LIFE.

Okay now if you dare to go any further…

One Year Delay is a band that was formed in 2012, but just now is releasing their debut album, Deep Breath. It would be better if it was called BAD BREATH, anyway.

Greek as they are, they went to USA to record with Grammy Award producer Toby Wright. They really thought a producer should make an album. If it doesn’t ring any bells this is the same producer of Alice in Chains, Fear Factory, Metallica, Primus and others..

Okay, so they paid, the guy recorded and delivered the product. The problem is that the raw material was of bad quality, so the final product would be a disaster.

The band has musicality and an inclination for commercial… but they got the word commercial too seriously, and in order to persecute theirs “dreams” the damned lad on vocal duties started to moan like a prostitute.

They call themselves hard rock. I don’t remember Hard Rock being THAT bad in old times… Even shitty bands like Guns n Roses had more dignity than this.

Anyway, this is emo with grunge, mixed with metalcore, the worst of ALL WORLDS.

The track Miss You is truly irritating, and you say, dude, do I really have to hear this? Isn’t life bad enough?

But the subsequent track Try To Stay Alive is at least funny and made me laugh… yes, because the emotive guy decided he was REVOLTED: oh mommy I’m revolted and I will start to screaaaamo! This is so bad, I rolled on the floor.

This is the worst garbage I had to endure this year… I’m done… Off to hear some real ROCK N ROLL.

Deep Breath is out today (October 2nd) on Pavement Entertainment 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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