Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta – demo 2015 – Self Released

The gore is not deceased in the country of death!


One thing seems to survive like a zombie: the goregrind in Brazil and Latin America (I do hate this terminology, Satan knows I do).

Anyway, how surprised I was to hear that a new band was looming on the horizon of South American hinterland: roughly translated to Bloody Necrovaginal Regurgitation this band is a seminal blend of old Carcass and a good production of today studios.

Very organic and authentic to their style this band is the wet dream of any deathbanger: low-pitched bellows, the bass line in staccato, guitars cutting like an oxidized razor.

After a short intro, AxExEx starts in a mid-tempo disgraceful approach, excellent production, then after 4 beats, everything sets off in a brutal death metal attack and that’s that. Short, concise and full of revulsion.

Loathe for human race continues in the subsequent track that has a sewage-like vocalizations as a highlight.

The last debasing called Necrozoofilia has a curious stoppage with a chainsaw and a female’s yell. So everything turns into what it is the last part of the song.

All of this in a 6-minute package that shows off that no one is safe from the subterranean incursion of Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta, one of the best Brazilian bands at the moment. I wish they never lose momentum.

Demo 2015 is out now and it’s Self Released. It can be heard on Bandcamp.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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