Venefixion – Defixio TAPE – Iron Bonehead

Another hidden gem of true black death metal


Blackened Death Metal never ceases to leave me in awe. This time around we have Venefixion from Brittany, France, formed by an Aussie guy called K. Desecrator and a deutschen lad called F. Goathroat who added a third guy named W. Cadaver on lead guitar and the power trio of speed/death/black metal was complete.

Although it’s old school, it’s not retro black metal, although I would name it “modern old school thrash metal”. Their sound is vile but they don’t appeal to overtly technics. They just follow their primitive human instincts of hate and despise for human race to produce an opus that is noxious and callous.

La Secte Rouge is phantasmagoric, dirty and mean. Death Thrash metal encapsulated by a black metal aura in the vein of Toxic Holocaust, Vulcano, Nifelheim and Sabbat (from Japan).

Take notice that I’ve been putting a “death” in their metal since strong elements of this style as fast drumming and break of tempos do appear… it’s not straight all the way, it has its intricacies. But when the hardcore-tempo takes over, man, this pure speed metal anarchy!

Over again they sway on the edge of oldschool Thrash and Death metal, sometimes resounding Autopsy and sometimes remembering Sodom mainly in the second track called Morbid Casket.

Defixio (the title-track, he) is death metal since the velocity increases tenfold and the neurotic vocals spew forth blasphemies onto one’s head.

The satanic spree continues into the last song Aghori, Ashes Of The Dead which seems a compendium of the whole demo.

True to themselves, they don’t obey an order, but their influences of old school extreme metal are latent in the four tracks that compound this tape. Collectors and die-hards won’t be disgruntled.

Defixio TAPE is out T.O.D.A.Y. on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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