All Hell – The Red Sect – Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

The cult of UH!


This is the sophomore album of All Hell, a then unknown band for me, and of course I haven’t heard their first offering. I should. Because this thing is intense!

When one puts the album to spin it is just ordinary stuff, and then the surprises, metallic surprises, infernal surprises, trve and kvlt svrprises start to appear, at first peeping through the window, shy, then taking all over the place in a warlike assault with violence, brutality and rape!

Listening to the first track Crossroads was a non-emotional experience, I said, “Damn, another CD, let’s go and hear it”: a metal punk in the vein of Nekrofilth and Tiger Junkies, very D-beat, nothing impressive as there is a kind of tendency to do this kind of music.

However by the third track called Venomous one starts to notice something really true… some familiar riffs, what is that? Fuck, I know that is old, but is it German Thrash? No definitely not? Some obscure Black Metal band from Hungary or Poland? Wrong guess so what is that? Let’s continue listening…

Graveyard Dust gives some clue: this sounds like Toxic Holocaust but this is not a copy. So what then? Wait! Another piece in the enigma: by reading the press release one discovers that the producer is Joel Grind. Hell…

Then comes In My Command, and as the blood starts to boil and a compelling force to headbang comes over, the enigma is solved: CELTIC FROST. It was there all the time, this thing is a copy of Circle of The Tyrants… is this a bad thing? Man, Celtic FUCKING Frost is never a bad thing. Jacob Curwen takes the form of Thomas Gabriel Fischer… fuck this, it is TOM WARRIOR! And the UH’s are all over the place if you know what I mean!

Blackshape dares to go further and takes the form of Venom

But there’s no way to escape, The Unseen shows the Celtic Frost-esque experience over again, with some fast black metal parts like Immortal, but that is just a spasm.

Funeral Feast reserves another surprise… the sound is like BATHORY! I could swear I was listening to The Reaper… Fuck dude, this is true to the core.

The outcome: a killer CD, a fiesta of satanic proportions where demons, whores and cocaine are abundant, take your drink and headbang between a porn star tits: IN HELL!

The Red Sect  will be out on October 16th on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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