Cryptic Realms – Eve of Fatality TAPE – Weed Hunter Records.

A cursed breed of technological Globalization.


Cryptic Realms is not an ordinary band. This is what people use to call “international” band with members from several parts of the globe collaborating via internet. Honestly that always amused me, I mean it’s difficult to create a song with four guys in a practice room, imagine four guys having tele-ideas, actually recording them, and sending them back to each order. Is it centralized? For me it’s rather confusing.

The final product tho, is far from being “confusing” It’s very understandable death metal in the vein of Obituary and Massacre, the vocals reverberating that.

The ensemble counts with Κωστας Αναλυτής (Abyssus and ex Necrosis, All Vocals), Tersis Zonato (Lutemkrat, Offal, ex- Axecuter, Lead Guitar), Uriel Aguillon (Morbicus, Rotting Away, Necrotite, ex- Gutwrench, Guitars / Drum)  and Victor Varas (Tritton, Bass Guitar). In the backcover of the tape is written: “All vocals recorded in Athens (Greece) guitar/ drum recorded in Deva (Romania), Guitars solos recorded in Curitiba (Brazil) and bass guitar recorded in Mexico City (Mexico).

That is simply marvelous since the output couldn’t be better. They relied in simply composition to avoid confusion in the final mix/mastering. The songs have simple death metal structure, but that’s not to say that they are uninspired. On the contrary, they invoke demons from the distant past to this Hit-Tech era.

Off course, as nothing is perfect, with sharp ears, one can perceive minor gap error in the final mix in the track Necrophagous, for example, but that doesn’t compromise the whole record.

They achieved a milestone here: breaking border through music. No, I’m not saying that romantically. They DID have broken borders with their experiment. The final product couldn’t be better.

Eve of Fatality TAPE is out N.O.W. on Weed Hunter Recods. Get you copy on Bandcamp:


Or directly on

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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