Murashita – Inescapable Damnation – Self-released

The Melodic Death Metal world of Masaki Murashita


Masaki Murashita is known for his old thrash metal outfit Hemoptysis. Coming from that experience he decided to somewhat continue what he has done so far, but with sensible change of direction. Some would call it evolution, but as even cancer evolves I would call it “the next stage”

This band is for those who like Swedish Metal in the vein of Arch Enemy (which seems to be the latent influence here) and others of the same crop.

This Cd has five songs and it counts with top musicians such as David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity), Rodney McGlothlin (Voice Of Dissent). Mr. Murashita is armed to the teeth!

Retribution kicks off the mini album with an intricate but very technical form of extreme metal. All the riffs and subsequent solos and phrases are understandable and the time signatures are complex to the players (or maybe not) but palatable to the listener.

Inescapable Damnation, the most ambitious and sticky track has vocals that are harsh but understandable, which is rare these days. There’s not just “noise” in the sense of “let’s puts some riffs in motion, scream to death and them we have a band”: no! Murashita thought riff by riff, stanza by stanza and the changes of phrase and/or tempo (for example from what is being sung to the solo) always have a musical bridge to attach the spare parts.

The 3rd track called Death or Glory, although being an earworm, commits the capital sin of cliché. Death or Glory is a famous song by the immortal Running Wild and the axiom: no pain no gain was maybe used, like the Phoenix allegory, by countless bands around the world. Apart of these faults Murashita sticks to his guns and delivers a great metal number, competent as he is.

Conquer to Foe sounds like a mix of Carcass (Heartwork era) with old Soilwork (The Chainheart Machine era, not the mediocre faddist metalcore of today). Although this sounds more toothsome to the ears, it’s nonetheless a superb number.

Last track returns to the intricate parts of the first song, making it a great tune, over again the harsh vocals making the ears blister, but with an intelligent skeleton and what a hell of solos. I must say the soloing is the art of Masaki Murashita. He would succeed if he did power metal from example or technical brutal death metal, or as a solo virtuoso guitarist. He would succeed anyway.

Well the bottom line is: kings are born kings, so don’t waste your time and pay homage to Murashita. Now, you mortal!

Inescapable Damnation will be out next October 16th and it will be Self-released. 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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