Corpspazm – Corpspazm – Broken Limbs

The Universe in Disarray.


Corpspazm is here to make some black noise for you, and sweet Satan, they are good at it.

Their black metal is a mix of Darkthrone and Napalm Death, something akin to Blasphemy but that’s no Ross Bay Cult. This sounds like as if they had the same influences but in a different zeitgeist.

Anyway everything here is a contaminated pool of maggots:  screamed chaos, desperate entropy, malevolent topsy-turviness. This is what I call BM.

Rapid fire and some groove are buried underneath the muddy waters of rumpus; the soundscape is utterly foul, a Dadaistic sonic canvas on the wall.

All the more the punk rock attitude is also under a thick skin of discord, flummoxing the listener to death.

Corpspazm is noisy and nidorous. It’s perfect to send undesirable visitors away.

Corpspazm  will be out on October 13th on Broken Limbs 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Ad Nauseum – Ad Nauseum – Broken Limbs

Raw Black Noise


Americans and their labels. This band from central Florida says in their press release that they play  “a volatile combination of hardcore and sludge metal as well as elements of harsh noise.” I can only concur with the harsh noise statement.

This band is indeed an experimental harsh black noise that utilizes white noises and funeral doom metal, trespassed by fastest parts to make their point.

The strangeness is very akin to Circle of Ouroborus from Finland.

The harsh noise parts are what I would call a genius work. They play between one song and another (there are four of them) always linking the unimaginable world of occult terror with a distorted reality.

But calling themselves a “volatile” group opens up other possibilities of experimental. I’m not against that. I against the very fact that a band that can be the forerunners and pathfinders of a new style, wind up being an extension of ISIS, Cult of Luna and Sun o))). Even if they have this influences is good, but they MUST remain as influences.

Their sound is perfectly tuned and it is, I do hope that more and more strange and outrageous experimentation comes in the near future. Some bands hold the key to another philosophical stage of the sonic future of mankind. Don’t lose the fucking key, for fuck sake!

Ad Nauseum will be released next October 13th on Broken Limbs .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Cape of Bats – Violent Occultism – Broken Limbs

The street punk anarchy of Satanas.


The vampyric metal-punk ensemble Cape of Bats is a band that blends occult rock with black metal and a punk laden cadence. To be more exact: they make punk, but with mega high pitched guitars and harsh vocalizations and a raw mix.

The occultism is for the sake of shock rock, and I find this approach salutary since what is Black Metal than an evolution of Sex Pistols and Alice Cooper, wearing Venom and Bathory outfits?

The “violent occultism” delivers, although the anarchic sound and I’m not talking about politics here: it’s everything kind of messy, but hell, they have a charming approach in their nonsensical theatre: it’s not d-beat, it’s raw and noisy, akin to noise-core and terrible noise-grind bands, a stodgy mix for ones and an innovative and intelligent music for others.

Of course there are no focal points since all the sounds are alike but I’d say that the guitars of Ultimate Evil got me, just because they are cranky.

You know the crankier the better. Violent Occultism will take the scene by storm; brace yourself for the coming of the bats of evil. Hitchcock would be afraid!

Violent Occultism  will be released on October 13 on  Broken Limbs 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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